Our Beliefs

The American financial plan is broken and leads people to anxiety and confusion.

The culture’s financial plan is buy-now and worry-later, use debt to buy things we don’t need, and is motivated by chronic discontentment and personal comparison which leads to poor financial decisions.  It’s created unnecessary pressure and stress on families being seesawed up and down by the culture’s persuasive yet damaging messaging.

Financial anxiety leads people to fear and ultimately paralysis.

People know they’re not financially healthy, but they don’t know what to do about it or where to go for help.  Almost 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and are one unexpected expense away from being sunk.  Debt levels are the highest they’ve ever been.  And people are bombarded daily with the latest hot stock pick or get-rich-quick idea that promises to solve their problems.  Many people feel stuck without a clear path out.

Open Door is the guide for wise financial planning that leads people to financial peace.

Open Door Financial believes that biblically-wise financial planning leads to financial security and contentment.  It is the key that leads to financial peace.  Money is not an end in itself.  It should be used for healthy and benevolent purposes – to take care of people and build the kingdom of God.  Open Door encourages generosity which helps break the cycle of greed and discontentment in our hearts.

Our Mission

Open Door was founded with the inspiration of guiding people into financial peace and being a conduit of radical generosity to build the kingdom of God.

Financial Peace for Clients:

When it comes to financial peace, most people live behind a locked door with peace on the other side.  Open Door Financial is the key to unlock the door to financial peace.  Biblically-wise financial planning leads people on a secure path.  Faithful stewardship reduces fear and anxiety and allows people to be set free from the stresses of money and enjoy their lives while accomplishing what’s most important to them.

Radical Generosity to Build the Kingdom of God: 

Our mission is to channel funds away from selfish gain, support the greater human experience, and build the kingdom of God.  The truest sign of financial peace is being able to give freely.  A heart that has freed itself to be generous is free indeed.  As corporate revenues grow over time, it is Open Door’s heart and commitment to give away 90% of net profits to Christian ministries and organizations.  This is our highest calling and purpose.